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Cedar Street Gallery is a street-level art gallery on the corner of Shattuck and Cedar in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, CA.  We hope to support artists, engage the public, spark curiosity, beautify the street and show some really cool art.


Mathew McGrath

Math Fair 

March 31st-April 27th

For more information on artist and sales please visit: Instagram:@mathmcgrath


Artists statement : 

In my practice, I explore the alchemical nature of creativity. With the belief that beauty and meaning can be unearthed from the most unlikely sources, I believe used and discarded objects possess the energy of use and utility they once served. My abstract compositions are meant to evoke a sense of painterly beauty and transmit a touch of sympathetic magic .


Just as the alchemists of old sought to transform base metals into precious ones, I see my role as an artist in a similar light. By gathering discarded fragments from our environment, from forgotten machinery to discarded household items, I carefully select each element to reimagine its purpose. Through a combination of intuition, experimentation, and aesthetic appreciation , these objects undergo a metamorphosis, transcending their original utilitarian intentions. 

The transformation of discarded objects into objects of aesthetic allure challenges the notion of worth and beauty. I aim to spark a dialogue about consumerism, waste, and our relationship with the everyday ubiquitous objects that both define and confine us.

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