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Cedar Street Gallery is a street-level art gallery on the corner of Shattuck and Cedar in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, CA.  We hope to support artists, engage the public, spark curiosity, beautify the street and show some really cool art.


Monika Mayer

Inside Out 

Feb. 4th-March 2nd 

For more information on artist and sales please visit:

Instagram: @_monikamayer




The series "Inside Out" delves into profound themes of change, resilience, and personal growth in the face of adversity. The work draws inspiration from the challenges Monika’s son faced in the context of ending his promising soccer career due to injuries. The exploration of dismantling and reassembling a soccer ball serves as a metaphor for the transformative process. The idea of letting go while maintaining integrity amid changes, along with exploring new opportunities, speaks to the complexity of navigating life's challenges.


Monika Mayer is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Berkeley. She grew up in a rural area of Germany where she was exposed to a rich tradition of textile craft and making from a young age. Drawing inspiration from nature and personal experiences, Monika’s multidisciplinary practice is based on experimenting with everyday materials, texture, pattern, color, and repetitive mark-making. Working across a broad range of media, including inner tubes, soccer balls, canvas and paint, Monika creates abstract two- and three-dimensional work. She often incorporates traditional textile techniques such as knitting or sewing in unusual ways to give her artwork color and bring it to life. Her approach is experimental, her creative process intuitive and iterative, often layering techniques to create organic textures and dimensions. She recently joined Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland where she will have her first solo show from 2/16-3/23/2024.


Tessellation # 5, 6, and 7    2023
Dissected soccer balls, acrylic paint, oil paint, yarn, new hand-sewn seams All pieces are for sale: $580 each

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