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Cedar Street Gallery is a street-level art gallery on the corner of Shattuck and Cedar in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, CA.  We hope to support artists, engage the public, spark curiosity, beautify the street and show some really cool art.


Maryly Snow

Have We Destroyed Ourselves Yet ?

April 28th-May 26th

For more information on artist and sales please visit: Instagram:@marylysnow



Artist Statement:

I’m mostly a printmaker working on paper. Recently I’ve been printing with hand-cut mylar stencils in a series I call “Have We Destroyed Ourselves Yet?” You’ll see weeping, praying, running humans (indecision, uncertainty), swirling hot suns (climate change), walls (migration), coat hangers (Roe v. Wade), faucets (drought), guns and rows of bullets (America has them!). After inking and printing the stencils, I then paint with acrylic gouache, layering the printed and painted images to represent indecision and inaction in what I hope are mitigating bright, cheerful, and complicated images.


Look for my Open Studio December 7 & 8, 2024 through Oakland Art Murmur’s East Bay Open Studio website or my own website

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