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Charlie Milgrim 

The artist sees a world in flux, a world of perpetual change and transition, a constant building-up and a tearing down.  In these works Milgrim focuses her lens on the Accretive processes in our world that mimic the way of Nature and reveals beauty hidden in plain sight.    

After pallet clean ups, her Alameda High School painting students leave behind colorful residue that builds up, layer after layer, forming surreal imagery.

Leigh Barbier

Mushroom Ballet

Jan.7th-Jan 28th


Walk Alone William



Dotted with occasional log cabins and brick buildings, Mushroomville is an all female community existing under inviting and empty skies. Each woman enters Mushroomville through her own personal portal, tailored to meet her emotional and psychological need for escape and transformation. Serving as a metaphor for the duality of human nature, the mushroom symbolizes the core of the women’s culture. 

Serving as a receptacle for an empathic response to my daughter entering adolescence, I conceived Mushroomville 20 years ago. As her coming of age triggered a reliving of my own, a cloud of melancholy filled my emotional being. By constructively moving these feelings into an alternate world through drawing and writing, I sensed an opportunity to avoid an unhealthy blurring of boundaries between my daughter and myself. From that point forward, the world of Mushroomville became the conceptual landscape of my creativity. Somehow I saw myself as having purchased valuable psychic real estate within myself solely used to exploit my imagination.

Twenty years after its inception, I have returned to tell the story of Mushroomville in the form of a ballet through writing, drawing and sculpture. 

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