Charlie Milgrim 

The artist sees a world in flux, a world of perpetual change and transition, a constant building-up and a tearing down.  In these works Milgrim focuses her lens on the Accretive processes in our world that mimic the way of Nature and reveals beauty hidden in plain sight.    

After pallet clean ups, her Alameda High School painting students leave behind colorful residue that builds up, layer after layer, forming surreal imagery.

Penelope Anstruther

Lean Against the Wall

Jan. 3rd-30th

Lean Against the Wall is a site-specific triptych made with found objects gathered on walks in Berkeley CA. These are pieces of billboard, paint peeled from the wall and hoops from wheels, all discards of a busy city that, isolated, hold a kind of disembodied potential. I find these remnants beautiful and hope that by leaning them towards each other they are able to express their own pared down narrative.

    Each piece priced at $250.00

Please contact gallery for more info 

Dreaming (1)

Ceramic  16x14"

Dreaming (2)

Ceramic  16x14"

Dreaming (3)

Ceramic  16x14"