Charlie Milgrim 

The artist sees a world in flux, a world of perpetual change and transition, a constant building-up and a tearing down.  In these works Milgrim focuses her lens on the Accretive processes in our world that mimic the way of Nature and reveals beauty hidden in plain sight.    

After pallet clean ups, her Alameda High School painting students leave behind colorful residue that builds up, layer after layer, forming surreal imagery.

Maya Kabat

Super Spacial 

Feb. 7th-March 27th 

My abstract oil paintings on layered and shaped supports explore the urban landscape and the social dynamics of architectural and spatial relationships. In this work, “Space” is not fixed, but is a dynamic and active participant in creating and determining human relationships and influencing potential futures. In this work, Space is understood as a process; it is an ever-shifting geometry of structure, bodies, movement, time, memory and place.


Working outside of simple square formats highlights the notion that space is an unfixed, dynamic reality. Multiple, shifting planes of color and irregular textural lines adds a sense movement, uncertainty and dissonance. Structures and infrastructures merge and blur and suggest multivalent simultaneous realities. My work seeks to offer new situations of spaciality that provoke conceptualization beyond what is currently known. 


I work with thick layers of oil paint and large tools intended to apply drywall compound. 

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Super Spacial #2

20x11" 2020, oil on canvas

on layered board, $2500 

Super Spacial #1

14x16"2020, oil on canvas

on layered board, $1700 

Super Spacial #3

12x13.5" 2020, oil on canvas on layered board, $1600 

Dreaming (1)

Ceramic  16x14"

Dreaming (2)

Ceramic  16x14"

Dreaming (3)

Ceramic  16x14"