Charlie Milgrim 

The artist sees a world in flux, a world of perpetual change and transition, a constant building-up and a tearing down.  In these works Milgrim focuses her lens on the Accretive processes in our world that mimic the way of Nature and reveals beauty hidden in plain sight.    

After pallet clean ups, her Alameda High School painting students leave behind colorful residue that builds up, layer after layer, forming surreal imagery.

Kristina Nobleman


Sept. 11th- Oct 8th 

Cedar St - Emergent.png

Through the fundamental language of pattern, Emergent  is an exploration of the underlying order found in the natural and physical world. By printing on translucent tissue paper overlaid onto painted paper backings, the imagery surfaces to the fore and reveals the spontaneous pattern formations that arise from my materials interacting on the printmaking press. These symmetrical forms are made out of arrangements of paper yarn that I twist and fold to create a whole image from a small set of fragments. The emergence of wholeness through pattern and form is a visceral moment of recognition that celebrates the driving force of creativity in nature as well as in the artistic process.


More work can currently be seen at:


In Symmetry: Christine Meuris and Kristina Nobleman 

Sept 9 - Oct 15, 2022

Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland




Kristina Nobleman is a multidisciplinary artist who works with textiles, ink and paper. Improvisation is an important part of her practice and forms the basis for large-scale monotype prints, collage, and sculptural pieces exploring the aesthetic and sensory possibilities that fiber has to offer. In 2020, her work was chosen to be part of the de Young Open Exhibition at the de Young Museum, San Francisco. She has exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York. Her work is held in the public collections of The Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara and Stanly Ranch, Napa as well as private collections nationally. She is also a new member of the California Society of Printmakers.